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We are closing in on the prophesied "End of the Age." The Bible tells us that in these days, perilous times will come which will try the faith of every believer. All who serve the LORD will have their faith tried in ways never considered imaginable in any other age of Christianity. Perfect Gift Ministries desires to help our Christian brothers and sisters as we walk together by Grace in to perfection in Christ Jesus.

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In Whom Do You Trust?

In these times of immorality and a sense of entitlement, it is time for us to look only upon the face of God for our guidance!

The lives of many believers are so shallow that the only depth they exhibit is the depths of their desire to have Pharaoh take care of them. This desire drives many to run to Pharaoh (government), to run to the strength of Pharaoh, hoping that in his strength they would not fall.

But God is clear in the scriptures; he declares in Isaiah chapter 31 that those who would run to Pharaoh and hide in his strength would eventually come to the point where they would have no strength. Those who would hide in the strength of Pharaoh and would run seeking to find strength, and to find a place of solace a place of protection where they could be taken care of, alas they will find no place, no protection, and no solace!

God says in his Word that if My people would return to Me and declare that I am the Lord your God that you would return unto me with all your heart and your soul and your strength and walk in the context of my precepts; then I would be with you.

Instead, you seek to run to Pharaoh, to hide in his strength, to be taken care of by Pharaoh, because Pharaoh has become your god!

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